Don’t Get Scammed When Looking For Your Next Rental

Are you getting ready to move out of the house and get your first apartment? Maybe changing jobs and looking for a new rental closer to work? Or simply changing your living quarters? This can be an exciting, and stressful time. Of course you want to find the best deal and get a great place, [...]

January 29th, 2016|Real Property Management Tidewater, Rentals, Renters, RPM757|

How Do I Get Out Of My Lease?

So what do you do when the rental location is in the perfect place, the price is reasonable, and the property is in great condition but due to unforeseen circumstances, you find that you have to relocate and break your lease? Though it’s never fun to break an agreement there are some steps you can [...]

January 11th, 2016|deposits, Real Property Management Tidewater, Renters, RPM757|

Quick Ways To Unclog Sink Drains

When something goes wrong at the space you’re renting, is your first thought to call the property management company? This DIY series may save you both time and money. Some repairs may not be as complicated as you think, involving only minor steps that you can take to resolve the situation. Here’s the first DIY [...]

January 11th, 2016|DIY TIPS, Real Property Management Tidewater, RPM757|

7 Rental Property Investment Tips for First Timers

The idea of purchasing an investment property may be daunting to consider at first. Typically, people don’t start large-scale property investing until after they have built a career, established a family and purchased their first home. However there are some advantages to starting earlier. Young investors have the luxury of time and the room for more [...]

Employee Spotlight: Patsy Davis

Name: Patsy Davis Title: Business Development Director and Owner Started: September 2010 Patsy Davis, Real Property Management Tidewater’s Business Development Director, is one of the three owners driving the company’s rapid growth in Hampton Roads. As the New Development Director, Patsy is responsible for cultivating and following up on new leads with property owners. She [...]

December 14th, 2015|Employee Spotlight, Property Management|

12 Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Tenants

December 7th, 2015|Real Property Management Tidewater, Rentals, Renters, RPM757|

12 Reasons Property Management Services Can Benefit Property Owners

Steam Boiler Heating System 101: How Heat Works in Your Building

If you’re about to pick up the phone to say something like, “The radiator in my kitchen isn’t working but the one in the bedroom is,” this blog post is for you. With the winter season quickly upon us, it’s important that you understand the type of heating operating system in your building and how it works before [...]

Employee Spotlight: Veronica Johnessee

Name: Veronica Johnessee Title: Implementation Specialist Started: July 2015 Veronica Johnessee is the implementation specialist for Real Property Management Tidewater. Veronica is responsible for developing and executing IT projects that support company activities, and training staff on the new applications and related procedures. In addition, she performs account reconciliations and tax preparations to support accounting. [...]

Real Property Management Tidewater New Corporate Headquarters Is Now Open

  Real Property Management Tidewater (RPMT), a property management and rental service company in Hampton Roads, has opened its new corporate headquarters  located at 2244 General Booth Boulevard, Building One in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Before the move, the company’s sales, property management, and maintenance team were in different locations. The move has brought all three [...]